Do I need to use synthetic oil?

The question as to whether or not you should use synthetic oil in your car is one that’s frequently debated by car enthusiasts. In short, the answer depends on the age of your car.

The majority of experts suggest that older vehicles (pre-1995) are actually served better by using standard, petroleum-based oil. This is because the older technology could cause the synthetic oil to leak. It’s also better for your vehicle’s longevity if you continue to use the same kind of oil you’ve always used – making a change late in the game could cause more harm than good.

For newer cars, however, manufacturers strongly recommend the use of synthetic oil as a means of extending your vehicle’s life. Although synthetic oil is more expensive, using it requires that you change your oil less often, and can have the effect of increased gas mileage for your vehicle.

Still not sure? Get a hold of your local mechanic or car dealership for more information.

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