How do I change my headlights?

Changing your car’s headlight is a relatively simple task that’s about on a par with changing out a light bulb at home, without the added danger of having to stand on a step stool, chair or ladder.

Older vehicles come equipped with sealed lamps that can be removed and replaced with relative ease. Simply remove any screws from around the headlight molding to loosen the bulb, and unplug it from the power cable. Plug the replacement lamp in, and fasten down by reattaching the headlight molding and replacing all screws.

Newer vehicles have fancier component headlights that don’t have to be removed, and can be fixed simply by replacing the bulb itself. Raising the car’s hood will allow you to reach behind the light fixture and remove the bulb by unscrewing or rotating the socket. This can be done by hand. Unplug the old bulb from the socket and replace it with the new, fastening the fixture back in place by screwing it down or rotating clockwise.

For help determining what bulb you’ll need for your vehicle, contact your local auto parts supplier.

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