Is rotating my tires necessary?

Rotating your tires is necessary for two reasons – three, if you include your safety as one of them. Tire rotation is accomplished by moving the front tires of your vehicle to the back, and moving the rear tires to the front. Sometimes, a cross-rotation pattern is employed where the front tires are moved to the opposite rear hub and the rear tires are moved straight forward.

In either case, this is recommended every 5000 – 7500 miles to ensure the longevity of your tires. Front tires that aren’t rotated on a regular basis tend to wear prematurely from bearing the weight of the engine, and rear tires that aren’t rotated wear in an uneven, choppy manner.

Finally, rotating your tires is necessary to prevent your tire’s mileage warranty from becoming void. Without doing so, you’ll have little chance of cashing in on your warranty in the event your tires wear out prematurely.

For more information, contact your local tire dealer today.

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