Why does my car rev on its own?

If you’re experiencing problems with your car’s engine revving up on its own with no assistance from your pedal foot, you could have an engine vacuum leak. This is a relatively common issue that’s caused by small leaks in a car’s vacuum hoses, allowing unmetered air into the engine and creating a disruption in the air to fuel ratio. Although the fix is something that you should have a professional handle, there is one method you can use to try to pinpoint the origin of the problem.

Buy a can of carburetor cleaner from your local auto parts store, and start your engine. Once it’s warmed up, spray small amounts onto the areas where your vacuum hoses connect to the engine and listen closely to your cars idle. If the engine revs during this experiment, you’ve just isolated a leaky hose that needs to be replaced or retightened.

Locate a professional auto mechanic in your area to perform any further tests to determine if your vacuum hoses need replacing.

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