What questions should I ask a baby-sitter?

Leaving your child in the care of a baby-sitter, whether that person is a complete stranger or someone you’ve known for a long time, is a frightening prospect for many. All parents should ensure that they’ve adequately vetted the abilities of any baby-sitter entrusted with the safety of their child. Here are some questions to ask your baby-sitter in order to help you set your mind at ease, and assure their ability to care for your child.

  • How much experience do you have baby-sitting?
  • What kind of training have you received (for example, CPR)?
  • How will you handle the situation if my child is disobedient?
  • Are you capable of changing diapers and/or giving medication?
  • Do you enjoy children?

Remember, there are no silly or stupid questions when it comes to making sure your child is well cared for in your absence. Not convinced your choice of baby-sitter is the right one? Contact a professional baby-sitting service for a consultation.

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