How do I write a cover letter?

A cover letter should accompany your resume anytime you submit it for review by a potential employer. Basically, a cover letter is a brief, narrative way of introducing yourself and stating your case as to why the company should hire you. Below are a few of the most important elements of a cover letter.

  • The "why" statement: Your first paragraph should be no longer than a few sentences and should state what position you're applying for.
  • The "qualifications" statement: Your second paragraph, also no longer than a few sentences, should spell out your qualifications for the job and give insight into your past experiences.
  • The "closing" statement: Your final paragraph should thank the employer for taking the time to review your attached resume and should humbly request an interview.

If you’re not confident enough in your writing skills, contact a professional resume writing service and inquire about rates.

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