How do I install a tile backsplash?

A tire backsplash can greatly improve the appearance of your kitchen, and it is relatively easy to do as long as you have the proper equipment and tools.

  1. Sand the drywall in the area where you wish to install the backsplash.
  2. Using a trowel, apply mastic (tile adhesive) to the wall.
  3. Begin to set tile pieces into place, leaving enough space between the bottom of the tile and the counter for a bead of caulk, which will be applied later.
  4. Use a tile cutter to make necessary modifications to form tiles around cabinets and wall sockets.
  5. Dry overnight.
  6. Apply grout to the tiles, wiping away any excess with a wet sponge.
  7. After about 45 minutes, clean tiles by buffing.
  8. Apply caulk between the counter and the bottom of the backsplash.

Before you begin, ensure you have all the proper tools by visiting a home improvement store near you.

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