How do I waterproof my basement?

Waterproofing your basement is an essential first step if you want to finish it and make use of it as an extra living space.

  1. Fill any cracks in your basement walls with latex cement or epoxy. These can be obtained from your local home improvement store. Larger holes may require hand-mixed mortar.
  2. Once all holes and cracks have been filled, apply an epoxy or latex waterproof mix. Apply from the bottom of the walls upward. Note: Most waterproofing mixes don't work on painted walls. If your basement walls have been painted, you will need to sand the walls first.
  3. Let stand overnight, and add a second coat the following day.

There are many waterproofing mixes on the market today. To determine what’s right for your basement, discuss further with a specialist at a home improvement outlet.

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