What questions should I ask when interviewing a home care provider?

Finding the right home care provider is an important decision that could make all the difference in the physical and mental health of your loved one. Which is all the more reason that you base your decision on how well the potential caregiver can answer certain questions of utmost concern to you.

  • How long has the agency been in business?
  • What experience does the agency have with providing care for my specific needs?
  • Are all agency caregivers trained to provide CPR and basic life-saving techniques?
  • Is the agency or individual bonded and insured? (If the answer to either is no, continue looking elsewhere.)
  • Does the agency perform a background check on all caregivers?

Long and careful consideration should be given when making the decision about which home care provider to go with. To begin narrowing down your list of choices, contact a health care provider today and request an interview appointment.

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