How do I move to another state or country?

Moving to another state is not as big a production as moving to another country, but both raise unique considerations that you typically don’t have to deal with if you’re just moving across town.

Moving to Another State

  • If you can, pay a visit to your new state’s Department of Motor Vehicles before you move and inquire about vehicle registration and driver’s license registration requirements.
  • Notify the post office when you will be moving, and inform them of your new address. If you don’t know what your new address will be, you can have them hold your mail until you find a permanent or temporary residence.

Moving to Another Country

  • You'll need to obtain a passport for international travel.
  • Contact local government offices and find out what their foreign residency requirements are, and ask how to apply for a work visa so you’ll be able to generate income.

Moving to another country may also present certain health issues that you’re unaware of. If planning a move to another country, contact your doctor or a local health clinic and inquire about any required vaccinations specific to your destination.

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