What do I need to provide for a moving estimate?

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you have received an estimate from the moving company for how much you will be charged. In order to be able to obtain an accurate estimate, you will need to provide the moving company with the following information:

  • The distance the moving company will be delivering your belongings, in estimated miles.
  • The size of the home they will be moving your belongings from, in number of rooms and square footage. This will allow them to estimate how much furniture will be moved.
  • The size of the home they will be delivering your belongings to.
  • If you have any exceptionally large furniture, such as a piano, alert the moving company to this.
  • Any high value furniture or belongings should also be noted.

Remember that an estimate must be signed by the moving company in order to be binding. To obtain an estimate, gather the necessary information and contact a moving company in your area.

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