How can I tell if my pet is in pain?

One of the challenges of owning a pet is the obvious communication gap that exists. Even individuals who have a close relationship with their pets can often find themselves at a loss to determine what their furry friends are trying to tell them. Most troubling is the fact that an animal can’t simply tell you if they’re in pain. You usually have to deduce this by watching for certain behavior, such as:

  • Whining in dogs. This can often be mistaken for spoiled behavior. But if your dog is whining excessively, this could be a sign that he or she is in pain.
  • Unresponsive or lethargic behavior.
  • Constant licking. Dogs and cats frequently lick, but if it becomes constant this could be a sign that they’re in pain.
  • Change in sleeping or eating habits.

If you think your pet may be in pain, contacting your vet is the most effective method of determining the root cause.

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