How do I keep my dog from barking?

It’s impossible to expect your dogs not to bark – it’s one of their most natural behaviors, and asking a dog not to bark at all is like asking them not to wag their tail. Excessive barking, however, can be a source of problems and in extreme circumstances could result in fines for violating public noise ordinances. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your dog from barking excessively:

  • Determine the reason he or she is barking, and try to eliminate the stimulus. This can include closing the curtains if your dog barks at passers-by
  • Scold your dog for barking, and offer treats as positive reinforcement when they stop.
  • Buy a bark collar. Doing so may seem cruel, but if your dog’s barking is excessive enough to potentially get you in trouble with neighbors, this can be a viable solution.

Teaching a dog when it’s okay to bark and when it’s not okay can be a complex training issue. If you feel you need help, find a certified dog trainer in your area and enroll in behavioral classes.

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