How does microchipping work?

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and is an electronic device that’s implanted into your pet’s skin through a hypodermic needle. The procedure is painless (or about as painless as a regular shot), and at most only requires local anesthesia to insert.

Once the chip is inserted under your pet’s skin, it can only be removed through surgery – relieving any worries that your pet may lose their chip. A microchip can be scanned by an animal shelter or other authorities to determine the name and location of a pet’s owner in the event they become lost. All information is kept in an updatable database, so pet owners don’t have to update their pet’s microchips whenever they move or change their contact information.

To find out where you can take your pet to get microchipped, contact a veterinarianveterinary surgeon in your area.

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