What supplies do I need for a new puppy?

Buying a puppy can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But before you take your new friend home with you, you should make sure that you're stocked up on the supplies you'll need.

  • Food: Puppies can have very sensitive digestive systems, therefore it’s important that you purchase dog food manufactured specifically for young dogs.
  • Water and Food Bowl: Make sure that these are both easily accessible to your new puppy. Avoid using dishes that are too large, as your pup may have trouble getting to their food and water.
  • Kennel or Crate: It’s important to crate train your dog as early as possible to get them comfortable with the idea of being put away while you’re gone. Kennels should be big enough for your puppy to fit in comfortably, and but should not be too big. With an oversized kennel, you run the risk that they’ll get into the bad habit of emptying their bowels where they sleep.

Have questions? Contact a pet supply store near you for information on additional supplies you may need for your new puppy.

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