How do I replace a kitchen sink?

Installing a new sink to your kitchen is a relatively simple process, as long as you’re staying with the same size. If you’re going with a different size you’ll need to replace your countertop, or cut into it to expand it.

  1. Shut off all water valves leading to your sink.
  2. Remove your old sink by detaching all pipes underneath it, as well as any clips holding it in place on the underside of its rim.
  3. Remove by lifting the entire sink straight up.
  4. Install your new sink by positioning it in the place where your removed sink was and re-connecting all clips and pipes to the sink’s underside.
  5. Turn water back on.

Most stores that sell kitchen sinks also offer installation services. If you feel you need help with installation, ask a salesperson at the home improvement store where you made the purchase.

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