Kellyville, OK > Local Alphabetical Business Directory for "Kellyville, OK"

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Business Address

2 The Point Autoglass

17875 W Highway 66

Alford Angela

All Marts Storage

13810 S 177th West Ave

American Heritage Bank

113 W Allen St

Arrow Asphalt

PO Box 157

Baker Services Co

PO Box 497

C & C Construction LLC

13406 S 177th West Ave

City Hall Kellyville City Of

Cornelius Well Service Inc

Creek County Rural Water District No 1

139 E Buffalo St

Creek County Speedway

18450 W Highway 66

Denham Danny

19027 W 141st St S

Dollar General

20351 W Highway 66

Done Rite Exterminating

17351 S 241st West Ave

Dowell A Division Of Schlumberger Technology Corp

16879 W 141st St S

Dynamic Resources Inc

Enerfin Resources Co

19532 W Highway 66

Enerflex Energy Systems

18962 S 241st West Ave

EZ Go Foods 52

Mile Marker 207

Ez Mini Storage

633 E Allen St

Farmers Insurance Group


Fire Department Fire Department

410 E Buffalo St

Fire Department Kellyville City Of

110 S Main St

First Baptist Church

306 E Camden

Garvey Oil & Gas

14868 N Maple Dr

Green Acres Storage

13816 S 177th West Ave

Grocery Express

20459 W Highway 66

Heyburn Oklahoma State Of

J L Promotions

1 W Buffalo St

JJ's Collison Center

13298 S 215 Ave

Kellyville Cable TV

Kellyville Chamber Of Commerce

Kellyville Holyness Church

729 S Main St

Kellyville Holyness Church

73 S Main St

Kellyville Public Library

410 E Buffalo St

Kellyville Public Library

230 E Buffalo

Kellyville Schools

Kellyville Schools

144 S Elm St

KV Grill

31 N Oak

Library Kellyville City Of

Little Troopers Sherri Jones

225 E Marley

Los Tequilas

67 E Buffalo St

Manhattan Construction

19021 W 151st St S

Midway Trucking Inc/Vacuum Tank Trucks

21720 W Highway 66

Mountain Creek Lodge Of Oklahoma

21301 W 191st St S

Neeley Bill Transportation

20100 Slick Rd

Oklahoma Cable Comm

Pentecostal Church Parsonage

Perfect Cut & Tan

1 E Buffalo St

1 - 50 of 74 results

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