Alleviate Your Lower Back Pain By Following These Treatments

If you are sitting at a desk chair for most of the day, you have probably experienced back pain at some time in your life. Though it can be caused by many different things, there are some general exercises you can do to alleviate your lower back pain. Here are some of the greatest tools for your at-home lower back pain treatment.

The first exercise starts by lying down with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. You will want a pillow beneath your head to keep your spine in alignment. The pelvic tilt is a small movement that will engage the muscles in your trunk and core. You will find that there is a slight curve in your spine and should flatten that into the floor.

From this position, you can move into a bridge by contracting your abdominals and squeezing your glutes. Try to roll up and roll down in a controlled motion. These are great ways to add low-impact movement into your daily routine to improve lower back pain.

If you are interested in more tips for alleviating lower back pain, continue watching the video in this post. These are great exercises you can do at home to improve your spine and back health for the future.