Which Lower Back Pain Treatment Is the Best?

Watch this video to see the best lower back pain treatment. Back pains can be relieved by exercising, using orthopedic cushions, and performing different stretches. Some common exercises include pelvic tilt and bridging to strengthen muscles around the pelvic region.

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One starts by lying down on their back with knees bent and feet on the floor and then slowly tilting their pelvis up and down and sideways while holding for about three seconds ten times.

Stretching is also another great way to lower back pains. A person can do trunk rotations while sitting on a chair or piriform stretches for about 30 seconds in three sets. While standing, they can perform a hamstring stretch or stretch out their IT Band to alleviate lower back pain by stretching the leg muscles. Usually, these standing exercises require stretching for 30 seconds while alternating sides three times.

Another effective lower back pain treatment is to use an orthopedic cushion. Orthopedic cushions are designed to offer support and ease pressure on the spine, consequently reducing back discomfort. These cushions help straighten the back while providing comfort. They can be especially important for people who sit for long hours while working or traveling.