Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping at a Comic Book Store

Comic books tend to be more susceptible to damage than other books. Therefore, running a comic book store requires storing books properly to preserve them for as long as possible. In this video, the narrator describes several tips a bookstore keeper can use to store and maintain comic books in a way that keeps books in good condition when shoppers visit.

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Unlike other books, comic books are unsuitable for display in places of light and heat. A storekeeper in a comic book store should thus keep them in a box, bag, or a place away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. However, covering comic books with acid-free bags and high-clarity materials such as mylars can be a great way to protect books while still allowing shoppers to view them.

A bookstore keeper should also consider using bags and boards to avoid spine rolls in comic books. Sometimes, they may need to use the same when displaying comic books on the go. In such times, they should consider carrying the books in a backpack rather than displaying them in book carts. Folios and generic folios may also be handy in such situations since they provide pockets to keep and display books.