This Is What Chiropractic Neck Adjustment Looks Like

Chiropractic neck adjustment is a procedure whereby a specialist known as a chiro or chiropractor uses their hands or a device to apply precise or sudden force to a patient's neck. The objective of this procedure is to align the upper spine, relieve neck muscle tension, and treat constant headaches. What does this procedure comprise? According to the narrator, the first step of chiropractic neck adjustment is for the chiropractor to examine the patient to see if they're a good candidate for the procedure. After the chiropractor confirms the patient is a good candidate for the procedure, they should move their head back and forth to see if there is any motion the patient lacks.

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The next step is for the chiropractor to apply force into the patient's neck joints to get some movement. For this step, the doctor should be positioned behind the patient who's sitting on a chair, and the patient should lean back into the doctor. According to the narrator, this is meant to calm the patient as the chiropractor treats them. The final step is for the chiropractor to put the patient's neck in a lateral bend and slightly rotate it for adjustment to take effect.