Caring for Your Sick Dog

This video shares tips for taking care of a sick dog. Dogs get ill or injured just like humans and need proper veterinary care. It is essential to know how to recognize and treat the symptoms of illness in your dog. Luckily the animal doctor treats most dog illnesses. Many things can make a dog sick, including bacterial or viral infection, allergic reaction to something in the environment or food, and parasites such as fleas or ticks.

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When your dog is sick, it's crucial to watch for signs of illness and seek the help of an animal doctor as soon as possible. Here are ways of caring for your sick dog. Your dog may vomit repeatedly, have diarrhea, or refuse to eat. They may have abdominal pains and may stop urinating. Check for symptoms of dehydration and monitor your dog's urine or stool. You may have to withhold some food. If your dog vomits, give less food and more water to drink. If your dog's animal doctor recommends a special diet, follow their instructions carefully. Take the dog outside frequently but limit the amount of exercise. Most importantly, monitor the symptoms closely and call the animal doctor.