What to Expect When You Call an Auto Accident Lawyer

Working with an attorney immediately after you find yourself in an auto accident is vital. Most people are unaware of what to expect when they place that first call, but here is a comprehensive overview. After searching online, calling, and settling on an attorney, they will demand a few things from your end to help the case, whether you are claiming compensation or facing a lawsuit. The auto accident attorney sends a comprehensive questionnaire to capture your details and information about the accident. They will investigate by visiting the accident scene and taking photos.

Video Source

They will ask you to provide available photos and dash cam videos. It is vital in determining liability and identifying who was at fault, which can make you win or lose the case. They will request available photographs of your original injuries as crucial evidence because some soft tissue injuries can disappear without leaving scars. An attorney will also ask for witnesses and interview them immediately in preparation for trial. It is because people forget the accurate account of events with time or fail to corporate. They will look at the police reports for information on the contributing factors that caused the accident and get details from the Department of Motor Vehicle, such as insurance and the driver's history.