Signs Your Transmission Is Broken

Like any other vehicle component, early discovery of problems with your vehicle's transmission system can save you hundreds of dollars. This video shows a broken transmission service explaining the signs of a broken transmission system. Your vehicle's transmission system is one of the most crucial and complex components.

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Without it, your car's engine could never transfer power to the wheels. Transmission problems can be challenging to spot. If you catch a transmission problem early, you may avoid costly repairs in the future. Understanding the fundamentals and watching for warning signs of transmission issues can get you on the road to trouble-free driving. You may have a broken transmission system if you struggle with shifting your car gears. That could result from low transmission fluid or using the wrong fluid. Also, the check engine light help identify a faulty transmission. However, it could also point to a problem elsewhere in the engine. If your car's check engine light is on, it's time to get it looked at by a mechanic. In addition, if your car shakes and grinds while shifting gears, it's a clear indication of a transmission problem. Consider getting your car checked out by a mechanic immediately if this happens.