Setting Up Your Home Oxygen Machine

In the absence of oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators are the most effective alternative solution to use. People in critical need of oxygen can easily install an oxygen concentrator in their homes without difficulty. This video explains parts of an oxygen machine for home and how it works. Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators help patients who can't produce oxygen independently.

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Compared to oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators provide the same level of service. It's a medical tool for increasing blood oxygen levels using the surrounding air. With oxygen concentrators, patients can inhale pure oxygen at home. The machine draws in air, filters it for contaminants like nitrogen, and pumps purified oxygen through nasal passages. The device can produce up to 10 liters of oxygen daily. When installing oxygen concentrators at home, place them at least one to two feet from any wall for proper airflow. If your doctor recommends using a humidifier, add some water to the bottle. Then join the oxygen tube to the humidifier or adapter. Also, the machine contains an air filter which should be cleaned weekly using warm water and soap. Ensure to check the warning light to know if the device works correctly.