Transmission Care Tips You Should Know

One of the most important things for car owners to maintain is the transmission. If a vehicle's transmission isn't cared for, it won't last long. Car owners can take their vehicles to auto transmission repair shops for transmission maintenance, but they can also do some things on their own. Which transmission care tips should car owners know about? According to the video, car owners can check the quality of their transmission fluid.

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According to, car owners should replace transmission fluid after 50,000 miles. Car owners can check the quality of the oil using the dipstick and rub the oil on a cloth to see the colour. Car owners can also use the dipstick to check the transmission fluid level. Sometimes vehicles might not have enough transmission fluid, which can affect their performance hence why car owners must check the oil level regularly. Car owners should also check the gearbox housing underneath the vehicle for leaks from time to time. Leaks are easy to fix because car owners only need to change the gaskets. During cold days' car owners should warm up the transmission by starting their vehicles a couple of minutes before they drive off and shifting from park to drive and back.