What's the Key to Sustainable Weight Loss?

The world is full of crazy diets that promise hopeful followers the svelte body of their dreams. Maybe you've even fallen victim to some of the scheming, scamming tactics of diet companies and self-proclaimed health professionals. But the truth is that diets aren't sustainable. Weight loss requires lasting, sustainable efforts. While you may drop weight quickly following the latest diet du jour that's blowing up across social media, those pounds will creep back on.

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You can only expect consistent results by making consistent changes. In other words, you have to develop habits that will last you for life and not just for the weeks or months of your "diet" plan. Weight loss, like so many other things in life, is a numbers game. Take a look at this video to learn some of the math behind true, sustainable weight loss. It's only through understanding these figures that you can build a manageable routine for yourself. Weight loss should be a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach. And you should find something that you'll feel comfortable doing for life, not just until you reach your desired size. .