The Benefits and Pitfalls of a Sales Job

Sales and marketing is an exciting career with immense benefits and shortcomings. You may be interested in being a salesman but consider the pros and cons first. It is a lucrative career if you know the ropes but frustrating if you can't stand the pressure. Consider the benefits and pitfalls and decide if it is right for you. A sales job provides autonomy. You determine your schedule and travel plans.

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It improves the quality of life by allowing individuals to be creative. Getting fabulous results rewards them with a sense of achievement and the right environment for human interactions. It is the best career for those who enjoy one on one interaction. A salesperson can also quantify their performance and success. It offers attractive compensation, which is good motivation to get up and work. On the flip side, it comes with constant stress and anxiety due to targets, deadlines, and performance appraisals. You also require patience because a sales cycle can take ages. It is not the right career for those who don't like being at the center of attention. Compensation may also fluctuate based on your performance. It is also the only career where you either swim or sink. Missing set goals and targets are unforgivable in sales.