Have You Ever Thought of Becoming an Auto Insurance Agent?

A career as an auto insurance agent is lucrative. Potential customers are in abundance. Anyone with a vehicle is a potential customer as it is illegal to drive without insurance.

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The video expounds on how one can become an auto insurance agent. You earn a commission for every customer you bring to an insurance company.

First, one needs to get a license to start the journey as an auto insurance agent. Where one lives determines how to get a license to sell auto insurance. The property and casualty license allows an agent to sell insurance in auto, home, and business. You can also get a life and health license to sell accident, health, and life insurance. Get both to increase income and the pool of potential clients.

There are two categories of insurance agents: captive and independent. Captive agents sell insurance products from a single company, while independent agents sell products from different companies. A captive or independent agent must sign a contract with an insurance company that allows them to sell their products. Independent agents can offer more benefits to their customers as they have a range of providers who offer different prices for the same product.