You Need to Avoid This if You Have an Ear Infection

Ear doctors are crucial in advising parents on how to care for their children's ears. Ear infections are common ailments in children as they grow. Though they may be common, they are certainly no fun.

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Ear infections are often associated with significant pain or discomfort in the ears. In this video, you will learn what you need to avoid if you or your child has an ear infection.

Viruses and bacteria are the main causes of ear infections. Therefore, you will want to avoid simply treating yourself or your child at home. Visit an ear doctor for the best advice to control the inflammation. Do not treat an ear infection with antibiotics unless prescribed. Introducing antibiotics to young children may cause their bodies to reject them later when they are sicker and need them more. Smoking or secondhand cigarette smoke is another thing to avoid when one has an ear infection.

Children and adults should avoid milk and other dairy products when they have an ear infection. Milk is a known allergen and may cause or exacerbate inflammation. Also, avoid sugar and sugary products. Treat an ear infection at home with drops of colloidal silver. It has both antivirus and antibacterial properties. You can also add drops of garlic oil to the ear to help heal the infection.