How Hospitals Set Up CPAP Machines

Sleep disorders that are not treated may negatively affect a person's physical and emotional health. That's why sleep testing could help you get the answers needed for the treatment a patient deserves. The good thing is that there are CPAP machines to help. When starting CPAP therapy, it is important to have a machine that works for you.

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That's why hospitals set up CPAP machines to assist patients in treating sleep apnea. In this article, you will learn everything about CPAP machines. Why Do Patients Use CPAP Machines? Patients with sleep apnea have experiences of interrupted sleep. One option to help them is going through sleep apnea treatment with the help of a CPAP machine. It sends pressurized air into the airway of patients to restore a healthy flow of oxygen. The purpose of CPAP therapy is to help lessen the times a patient gets awakened from sleep because of breathing problems. It uses a mask and air pump to give mild air pressure to the patient's airway as they sleep. The goal is to keep the tongue out of the airway so adequate oxygen will be delivered to the patient's lungs. Getting a CPAP Machine Prescription Before purchasing a CPAP machine, you will need to get a medical professional's prescription. It will specify the kind of machine you should get. It also specifies what pressure setting you need to treat Sleep Apnea. .