A Beginner's Introduction to Family Law

Kate O'Grady, the family law team leader at Aubrey Brown Lawyers, explains that family issues include both the legal issues that can occur immediately after a relationship ends and those that can surface later on. Watch this video to understand the general issues related to family law.

Individuals contemplating separation or who have already separated should consult a family lawyer for guidance on financial matters, such as settling property disputes or resolving issues with maintenance, child support, and parenting arrangements.

According to Kate O'Grady, seeking early guidance enables both parties to gain helpful information about how the process will work. Additionally, they learn about potential entitlements, which aids in better negotiating.

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According to her observation, one of the myths in family law is the idea that there is a one-size-fits-all solution to family matters. She explains that the circumstances of each family determine the specifics of each situation. Others also believe that seeking legal counsel inevitably results in a court case, even though their focus as lawyers is on resolving disputes amicably through mediation.