How Tires Are Constructed

Car tires are among the most common items on a vehicle, but how do they function? The video discusses the basics of tire construction. Most tires consist of several pieces, including a rubber inner tube, belt fabric, and steel wire ropes. The inner tube is the essential part of a tire.

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It protects occupants inside vehicles and is also used for air storage and cooling purposes. The various fabrics are all used for different purposes. The fabric belt, usually made from steel wire, provides strength to the tire and acts as a wear surface for the tread on top of the tire. Tires are manufactured via adiabatic or isothermal processes. The process begins by placing the various layers of a tire under high heat and pressure. This process transforms all parts into an inelastic material. Manufacture typically involves rolling the layers together at high speeds while being put under compressive forces. After this process, the tire is cooled and released before it is ready for shipment to automotive manufacturers worldwide. The materials most commonly used in the production of tires are natural rubbers, synthetic rubbers, and fabric. Natural rubber is harvested from trees found in tropical climates and is one of the most commonly used substances.