5 Expert Tips for Marketing Your Auto Repair Shop

Any business can market itself, but an especially strong marketing strategy will keep new customers flowing while keeping your current customers happy. This video gives you tips for successfully marketing your auto repair shop.
  1. Do Not Compare: Don't compare your auto repair shop to others, whether they are bigger, national chains, or new car dealers. Everyone has their own goals.
  2. Build Relationships: Build good relationships with your clients. Following up with them after repairing and maintaining their vehicles to ensure that everything is in order.

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  3. Build Trust: Build your clients' trust as soon as possible. Research shows two out of three drivers don't trust auto repair shops. Lack of trust will stop you from getting long-term clients.
  4. Build a Customer List: Make sure you have their full address, email, and phone numbers. This is useful in following up with them.
  5. Create a Website: You must have an online presence for your business to thrive. Your website should be secure and mobile-responsive.
Constant marketing will help your auto repair shop grow, whether you are new or even established. Following these tips will ensure an increased car count, higher profits, and most importantly, happy clients.