How Kids' Braces Transform Smiles

When it comes to improving your smile, kids' braces are one of the most important investments you can make. Read on to learn the basics of this dental procedure and the benefits a child can get from kids braces. Many people face problems with their teeth, which dental braces may correct.

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Kids are the most common braces users. To apply braces, an orthodontist specializing in tooth misalignment attaches ceramic brackets and wires to the teeth using bonding material. Many factors can influence your choice of braces, including age, overbite, and how crooked your teeth are. Most people believe braces are individually attached to each tooth. In reality, archwires help push the teeth and jaw into place with the help of elastic O-rings. As your teeth gradually shift into place, your orthodontist will make adjustments to the archwire and replace the elastic bands at regular intervals. Brackets and wires in a patient's mouth apply continuous, gradual pressure to shift teeth. As a result, the jaw structure changes to accommodate this constant pressure. The procedure for getting braces isn't painful and only takes a few hours. However, in the first week of wearing braces, you may feel a little discomfort while your mouth and teeth adapt.