What Makes Teeth Implants Painful?

Because they lack internal nerves, dental implants differ from natural teeth. The implant itself is not capable of feeling pain in any way. Pain related to teeth implants must originate from another source. The most frequent reason for pain around a dental implant is peri-implantitis, which is an infection of the implant.

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By this time, bacteria have started spreading into the dental implant's bone. It resembles a periodontal disease. This can occasionally be connected to issues with the dental implant process, like different abutments. Sometimes it has to do with bad oral hygiene. While the cause can sometimes be located, this kind of infection frequently has no identifiable etiology. The bone surrounding your dental implant may experience pain if it doesn't fit well with your bite. This soreness develops during or after chewing. The dental crown that sits on top of the implant can be changed if this is what is causing discomfort. If you swap it out for one that fits better in your mouth, your pain will go away. An unpleasant dental implant may result from improper placement and interference with nearby teeth. Dental implants support your other teeth when they are positioned correctly, but in this case, it's possible that they are harming their neighbor. This could make the removal of the tooth necessary.