What Types of Rehabilitation Will You See at the Physical Therapist Office?

The primary function of rehabilitation therapy is to restore a person's mobility and limb function. Physical therapists work to improve balance, decrease pain and facilitate endurance. This process is designed for people who have gone through severe physical trauma and helps to regain the use of their limbs. This process also treats debilitating diseases, amputees, and stroke patients. It improves mobility and flexibility and increases coordination.

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This video explains the various rehabilitation practices and how they help improve specific conditions. A physical therapy office offers medical and nursing care for patients after surgery and various cardiac events. It has a team of multidisciplinary experts who provide speech, occupational and respiratory therapy. Depending on the practice, a physical therapist offers cognitive and vocational rehabilitation. Physical therapy helps to improve memory, reasoning, and motor functions and increases your ability to restore balance. These offices use adaptive equipment to expedite the healing process and improve treatment. They address a range of issues and are a resource for many patients. Physical therapist office works with hospitals and other medical clinics to help patients heal faster and return to their lives. These facilities are a safe and effective means of treatment.