Everything You Should Know About Foot and Ankle Doctor

A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in feet and ankles. They diagnose and treat diseases and injuries that mostly affect the feet. Depending on where they work, they can sometimes diagnose and treat problems with the ankles and legs. Before they start treating people, podiatrists undergo education and training. Podiatrists get their doctorates from schools of podiatric medicine that the government has approved.

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Even though they know a lot about the human body and how it works, their training focuses on treating the lower limbs, especially the feet. A foot and ankle doctor usually starts by determining what's wrong with a person by looking at their medical history and symptoms. Then, they give the foot a simple physical checkup. During this evaluation, they look for signs of skin discoloration and swelling.

Podiatrists do residency training in health care facilities, where they get hands-on experience. After finishing this training, they must pass a series of exams to get board certification. People might want to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist if their foot hurts, goes numb, or swells up. Some podiatrists, like primary care doctors, treat various general foot problems. Some podiatrists focus on certain types of medicine, like sports medicine and wound care.