Things You Need to Know Before Your First PT Session

Physical therapy is a treatment for people who suffer from an injury or develop a condition that causes difficulty with functional mobility. A Physical Therapist (PT) examines the patient's situation and offers focused exercises and treatment to help the patient return to the previous level of function. This video discusses what patients need to know before their first PT session. The first PT session is referred to as an initial evaluation.

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The therapist spends time with the patient to learn about the condition, previous level of function, and how the condition affects the patient's life. The therapist takes measurements of the impairments causing the condition and develops a treatment plan. Patients should be ready to move around a lot during the first PT session. Therefore, the patient should wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. If they're dealing with shoulder pain, they should wear something that allows access to the arm and shoulder. Shorts are ideal for ankle, knee, or hip pain. The therapist will perform an examination after talking to the patient about the condition. The PT session focuses on measuring impairments affected by the injury or causing the condition. Typical measurements include tests of strength, range of motion, palpation, balance, functional mobility, and neurological screening tests.