How to Spot Which Auto Body Shops You Can Trust

Not all auto body shops are created equally. Do you know how to spot a scam body shop? If you want to know what a good body shop looks like, watching this video will provide you with important warning signs you can use when you need your automobile repaired. You have the right to choose the body shop that you want to use.

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Many people make the mistake of letting the tow truck decide where their vehicle is going to be towed after an accident. Did you know that if you do not know where you want to send your car for body shop repairs, you can have it towed to your house until you decide? There are certain things you should look for in a body shop that indicate that the shop you are dealing with is legitimate. For example, a body shop should have a paint room. Another tip is to check out the outside of the body shop and look for red flags. One warning sign is to see the same cars sitting around for weeks without any visible progress in their repairs. Only entrust your car to a shop with a solid reputation and a clear history of quality work.