How Has Hearing Aid Technology Changed Over the Past Few Years?

According to this video, a significant fraction of the older generation experience hearing problems. Yet, only a small percentage of people with hearing problems use a hearing aid. Hearing aid technology has evolved over the years to provide enhanced devices that offer more functionality for users.

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Today, these devices are more stylish and visually appealing. There has been tremendous improvement in the sound quality minimizing distortion within loud environments and facilitating better soft speech pick-up. Hearing aid devices connected to mobile devices have been in the industry for some time. In the past, these devices needed neck-worn accessories to function, making them fragile and cumbersome. The modern-day hearing aid can connect directly to mobile devices for music streaming and wireless phone calls through Bluetooth. Users can also download a phone application to control their hearing aid through their devices. This connectivity brings about convenience. Many hearing aid manufacturers plan to release advanced hearing aids operated professionally through the internet. Users will only need to submit their requests through the hearing aid application on their phones. Their clinicians can help them fix issues through the cloud, eliminating the need to visit the audiologist's physical office. The advanced hearing aids available today are smaller and water resistant.