What Are the Essentials for an Auto Body Garage?

Running an auto body shop from home can be fun, lucrative, and exciting, as seen in this video. For the auto body garage to succeed, owners need business acumen, auto mechanic experience, and the proper equipment, which improves the ease and speed of body repair tasks. With the appropriate tools, auto body garage owners can meet the demands of their customers.

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The essential tools for an auto body shop include an air compressor. Choose a durable model that can manage a considerable workload, like a 60-gallon air compressor. Suppose the auto body garage will handle minimal retouch paint jobs. A 35-gallon air compressor can be ideal. A strong compressor is suitable for executing a wide range of tasks. A spray gun is critical for managing paint jobs. Auto body shop owners don't need a premium spray gun to start painting, especially when working on a budget. A dual-action sander facilitates the easy execution of body filler shaping and sanding tasks. Also known as a stud welder, a slide hammer is vital for pulling out panels and repairing some dents. Auto body garage owners may need an electric stud welder or a slide hammer. Mechanics will also need a powerful auto body hammer and a dolly set to help them reshape panels. While these hammers are durable, some have wooden handles that should be replaced at some point.