What Do Probate Attorneys Do for Their Clients?

The role of a probate attorney is to oversee the distribution of a person's assets after they die. This video discusses the basics of probate law and the work of probate attorneys in greater detail. When someone dies, their possessions must be distributed following their wishes.

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A probate lawyer guides the executor and beneficiaries through the probate process. Apart from driving the process, probate lawyers have other vital roles for clients. For example, they can collect the proceeds of life insurance policies. In most cases, an estate executor doesn't oversee the collection of life insurance benefits due after a loved one passes away. Instead, a beneficiary can use a probate lawyer to execute that task. In addition, the probate process can be lengthy and generates a lot of paperwork. A lawyer can help you complete these forms, such as income tax returns. Also, the probate attorney has a considerable role in complex estates. They can seek valuations for real estate that belongs to the dead. Another vital role is representing the personal representative in legal disputes with creditors and others who dispute the validity of the will or claims made against the estate. In such cases, the estate's attorney may submit supporting documents to the judge.