What Is Curb Rash and How Is It Repaired?

Car wheel repair may seem like an easy task. Yes, DIY repair leads to some level of results, but there is no substitute for a repair done by a professional. You're not only paying for their time but also for their years of experience and training.

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There are two types of methods that professionals follow to curb rash.

1. Refinishing Wheel Process

This process is ideal when there is only minor damage to the wheel. While this process is something you can do on your own, there are chances that it may not end up looking good. You would need a lot of practice to have good results. That being said, it's best to reach out to a car wheel repair professional.

2. Body Shop Process

Other professionals use the body shop method as it involves blasting the wheel for the paint to be removed before putting an epoxy, paint, and primer. This method brings better results and is a great way to get rid of the rust and paint from your wheels.

You will need tools if you decide to do it your own, but rather than invest in tools and end up with results you're not 100% satisfied with, you probably should hire a professional. They have all the tools needed and are also experts in making your wheels look new and flawless.