How to Tell You've Bought the Best Beef

Every time you're shopping for red meat, how do you tell if you're buying the best beef? Most people pick the piece of beef on the shelf that has the nicest, bright red color. The fact is, the color of fresh meat is actually on the purple side. It's just that the familiar red color is produced when the meat is exposed to air and its pigments react with oxygen.

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If you haven't noticed, even poultry has slightly varying colors. This difference is due to their diet, which influences the meat color. Therefore, you may see fresh poultry that can range in color from bluish white to even yellow. The appropriate color is determined according to the type of meat that you're purchasing. So if you're buying any red meat like beef, it should have a dark color, which can range from brown to red to purple. Don't be discouraged by the brown color, though. It may still be safe to eat because it doesn't necessarily mean that the beef is already spoiled. What it means is that it's just been exposed to oxygen. The way meat is butchered can also be a good indicator of its quality. In this video, you'll discover several ways to tell the best beef from the rest. By buying quality beef, you can ensure better-tasting food to serve to your family and friends.