A Peek into the Spicy World of Personal Chefs

If you're a culinary master who wants a less traditional work environment, you might consider becoming a personal chef. This unique arrangement comes with rigorous expectations and you'll be held to a sky-high set of standards. On the other hand, there are certain pay scales and benefits you can only enjoy when employed by the fabulously wealthy. Here's an inside look into the world of personal chefs and how to become one if you think this is the job for you. An important place to start is with your education.

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In order to become a chef, you'll need to attend culinary school. The top institutes may charge as much as $75,000, so be prepared to invest in your degree. In addition to this training, you'll also be expected to have significant experience in the industry and private service sector. If you travel on a yacht preparing meals, you'll need to complete a safety course. A chef who works in a Michelin-star restaurant usually takes home a salary between $65,000 and $100,000 annually. As a personal chef, you could make $120,000 to $200,000 a year instead. You might also enjoy the benefit of traveling around the globe with your client. .