When to Seek Ankle Doctors for Your Sprain

An ankle sprain happens when you turn or awkwardly twist an ankle. This causes a stretch or tears on the tough band of the ligament that assists in gripping your ankle bones together. Ligaments assist in stabilizing the joints to prevent excessive movement. An ankle sprain occurs when the tissues are forced to move beyond their normal range. An ankle sprain can occur for the following reasons: falling, when you land awkwardly on your feet after jumping, walking on uneven ground, when a person lands on your feet when playing, etc.

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Improper shoe types such as high heels can also cause an ankle sprain. Signs and symptoms of a sprain may vary depending on the seriousness of the twist. You ought to seek advice from ankle doctors if you have the following symptoms: swelling and pain, when a ligament is partially torn, when the ankle cannot move at all angles, and when you hear a popping sound during the injury. A doctor may recommend the following treatment methods if you have an ankle sprain. They include physiotherapy, the use of ice, a walking boot, or surgery when the injury is severe. It's important not to ignore the injury because you might risk making it worse and causing lasting damage.