The Complex Role of Real Estate Attorneys Explained

Real estate attorneys wear so many metaphorical hats that it can be difficult to understand exactly what services they provide. Learning more about what happens at a real estate office will help you realize when you could benefit from their professional knowledge and seek out an attorney for your case. A real estate attorney's role covers a broad range of responsibilities.

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Real estate attorneys draw up real estate contracts. This could be a residential contract, a commercial contract, or a lease. Other possibilities include drafting easements so it's simple for a person who owns property to allow another party to use it. Real estate attorneys also help to settle disputes between neighbors. Families live beside each other for decades, and during that time it's likely that conflict will arise. If a situation develops where someone with specialized knowledge about property can help, a real estate attorney can offer their perspective. Real estate attorneys also assist with a number of tasks unique to commercial properties. They might assist a new business in establishing an LLC. They can also help a company navigate zoning issues or restrictions put upon them by a local government. Then, they can help negotiate with the government to find a solution moving forward. .