Why Routine Dental Exams Shouldn't Be Ignored and What to Expect

Beginning in childhood, many adults dread seeing a dentist. Whether this is due to unpleasant memories of having a cavity filled or repeated lecturing about improper brushing techniques, an aversion to dental appointments can start when we're very young and continue well into our adult years. But as any dental professional can attest, dental exams are just as important as any other aspect of your healthcare regimen. Here are some key tips to remember about your dental exam.

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First, be sure to schedule appointments regularly. Routine maintenance can help prevent any issues from becoming more severe by being left unattended. Next, try not to be too nervous. You'll be in the hands of experienced professionals, so there's no need for anxiety. When you arrive, you can expect to complete a brief questionnaire. This will allow your dentist to have important background information to give context to your exam. They will also ask if you've been experiencing any issues so they can be sure to give them their attention. The dentist will check the skin inside your mouth before moving onto your teeth. Then, they'll inspect each tooth with care as well as your gums and perform Xrays if needed. .