How Doctors Perform DOT Physicals

The Department of Transportation mandates DOT medical exams for drivers of commercial vehicles. This video shows how DOT physicals are done. A licensed examiner registered with the FMSCA carries out the DOT physicals.

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The doctor will assume there are no pre-existing conditions, but if such conditions are found, they will be investigated further. The Doctor Takes the Following Steps: 1. You will fill out a form stating personal and medical details such as if you have been hospitalized and medical yes/no questions. 2. Before the exam, the doctor will ask standard questions such as if they smoke, current medication, heart or lung issues, and if they wear vision or hearing aids. 3. The doctor then records your weight, measures your blood pressure, and checks your pulse. 4. They also check your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. 5. The doctor then checks reflexes, and vision, including peripheral vision and hearing. 6. The abdomen is also checked. 7. To check the kidneys, a urine sample is taken. If the examiner is pleased, they issue a certificate and update the FMSCA database with the driver's information. If no medical issues exist, the driver will need to be recertified after two years. Make an appointment today and become certified.